A featured product on MSNBC, Wristelite™ was designed to be what the stationary wrist rest was intended to be. It is made of super light neoprene fabric, and the inside is filled with ergonomic and supportive memory foam. This wrist support promotes comfort while typing on the computer keyboard, scrolling with the computer mouse, writing by hand and reading. Beyond just function, with its sleek design, bold colors, and reversible band, Wristelite™ is a wearable fashion accessory, yet equally functions as an office supply.



The Wristelite™ project was launched in the fall of 2005. The intention was to introduce a more comfortable and wearable wrist support device for computer users. Like many who use computers for word processing and graphic productions, its president and chief designer, Jean Marseille, had experienced some mild swelling and discomfort in his right wrist some years earlier. This concern prompted him to spend over two years of careful design coupled with exhaustive research and development to produce a different kind of wrist support. Later that year, Mr. Marseille enlisted the help of a friend to materialize the concept. The latter was an industrial design expert with over 25 years in the industrial design industry with extensive experience in research and development, field-testing, marketing, and branding. His professional assessment along with Mr. Marseille’s vision resulted in the world’s best designed wrist rest. There’s an earlier incarnation of Wristelite™ at our Production Shots page. This is the same model that was featured in MSNBC’s “Your Business.” A brief clip from the show can be seen on our YouTube page.